How ingenious is Lucia’s to Go

How ingenious is Lucia’s to Go? A few years ago, at the behest of ravenous customers, Lucia Watson created a menu of easy, family style meals and make ahead sandwiches for busy weeknights and quick lunch breaks. The combination of fragrant pesto, gooey strings of cheese, and a few slices of summer tomato makes for a high degree of harmony in such a simple sandwich. As an added bonus, it comes on Lucia’s crusty cottage bread, which toasts to a buttery golden brown and doesn’t disintegrate, even under the weight of an extra juicy tomato.

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But today, just two places to anchor remain. The first is the SPYC, a member owned institution that’s been a staple of St. Paul’s riverfront for 101 years. It not exactly surprising that McCubbrey, a bass, has vocal talent. Both his mother and father family were musical and his mother, Elizabeth Rau, is not only a singer, but teaches piano and vocal students. She didn even wait for Cory arrival to give him an up close and personal experience with singing publicly..

Sheffield United needed a Chris Wilder. It needed ‘one of our own’. It needed a manager to lift this club up from the League One mid table mediocrity it had sunk to, and with his managerial track record and his red and white roots, Chris was the perfect choice.

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